Self-shooting PD and Photographer in Uganda and Bangladesh

Every day, one in eight people in the world goes to bed hungry. ActionAid is tackling the root causes of hunger and supporting the poorest and most marginalised people to ensure they have rights to land and enough food to eat, under the banner of their Hungerfree Women campaign, launched in 2008.
Countries around the world, including Bangladesh and Uganda, marked the campaign with a series of roadshows highlighting the issues in each country. In Bangladesh, the main source of food poverty in the north is the monoculture of rice. With so few people owning land, their only source of income to buy food is the seasonal work they can get in the paddy fields. The rest of the year they depend on loans. In Uganda, women’s access to land and inheritance rights are not secure. Whilst they might be surrounded by some of the most fertile soils in Africa, they cannot grow food to feed their families.

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