Forces of Nature

Series Producer

In his first series for BBC1, Professor Brian Cox reveals how Earth’s beauty and complexity is created by just a handful of forces. Shot in 20 countries around the world, epic stories of human and animal daring are deftly woven with the deepest possible answers to the simplest questions about how our planet works – including why is the Earth round, what separates the living and the inanimate, why are our oceans blue and why are there two tides each day?

“…some of the most eye-boggling photography seen outside Planet Earth…” The Times. “…cinematically stunning…” The Daily Telegraph.“…an absorbing and beautiful programme” Daily Mail. “..excellent…” The Observer. “Unexpectedly touching…” Radio Times. “Boggling, but in a good way…” Guardian.  “Packed with ideas, beautifully illustrated and boldly set out.” Sunday Times

Winner: Jackson Hole Science Media Awards

Nominated: BAFTA, Televisual Bulldog Awards

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